photo contest

Every year, we pool all of the pictures that you send us and choose the three most outstanding shots. You're probably showing off your new buildings, sheds, cabins, gazebos and more to friends and family, so why not send a great shot to us and let your building pride pay off!

  • How to enter
    Upload your photos or send them via email at [email protected], please also note the building type and dimensions.. It's that easy!

  • Judging criteria
    We'll judge them based on the design itself, the surrounding landscape and the photography talent.
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  • Deadline
    Submissions for next year's photo contest must arrive by February 27th, 2023. Winners will be announced in March of 2023.

  • Prizes
    First Place
    Second Place
    Third Place

Good Luck

We can't wait to receive your amazing photos, and don't worry, even if you don't win, they will still be featured on our website and promoted in social media.

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Our 2021 Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations on a job well done and we look forward to seeing more fantastic designs this year! If you haven't sent us the pictures of your finished design, please do... we'll enter you into this year's contest.

  • 1st Place
    Bali Tea House Gazebo First Prize contest winners Summerwood ID Number 268227

    10' x 25' Bali Tea House
    - Palo Alto, CA.

    Inspired by traditional Japanese architecture, the Bali tea house is a brilliant design for those who want to practice zen and tranquility right within their own space. This owner positions the Bali tea house in a beautiful way that sits on the water while they can see the sunset. The interior layout and the sliding screens not only provide a beautiful view of the garden outside, but also allow for a more direct tie between the visitor and the natural world.
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  • 2nd Place
    Mini Oban garden studio photo contest winners Summerwood ID Number 259740

    Mini Oban 8' x 13' & 8' x 12' Urban Pavilion
    - Toronto, ON.

    No space within your home? Don't settle for the dining room table or a corner in the basement like everyone else. With more and more people working from home now, the Mini Oban is the perfect addition to a home that needs a studio. With crisp wooden lines, modern windows and doors, and a vertical presence, the Nordic-inspired building will bring you peace and quiet. Along with the Mini Oban, the Urban Pavilion is the perfect match in the back for outdoor dining as the welcoming space is great for guests and family to be entertained year-round.
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  • 3rd Place
    Sanara pool cabana photo contest winners Summerwood ID Number 267349

    10 x 20 Sanara
    - Blue Point, NY.

    Apart from being a fantastic way to keep cool during the hot summer months, the Sanara can keep the party outside in your backyard rather than inside your house. Keep your visitors entertained within this multi-functional enclosure as this could also be used as storage for the pool or a convenient space to change before a nice swim. Like this photo, this pool house goes well in any landscape-designed patio with added decor which creates a stunning view.
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Honorable Mentions

Every year, when we're debating the winning photographs, the fur flies at Summerwood. You can see why. All of these pictures are artful and evocative. So much is worth celebrating, from the well-considered angles, color and lighting of the photos to the surprising finishing touches on the designs.

Past Winners

See for yourself. This isn't the first year that we had a tough job deciding which photos win.